Hair Care Secrets Everyone Should Know

Who doesn’t want soft, silky touchable locks? Good hair days always put us in a better mood. We’re more confident and self assured on those days too, right?

And for sure you can rack up a string of good hair days with the right combination of styling products and hot styling tools.

But sooner or later, if taken to excess, the piper must be paid.

Sooner or later the dreaded tattered ends will show up. A few just at first. Then in abundance.

Or sooner or later excessive breakage will make an appearance leaving your shower drain all it can handle.

Or sooner or later dry hair will come a calling taking shine with it.

Fact is you can cheat your hair for only so long before reality sets in. Then the cost of all that abuse becomes readily apparent as the problems come home to roost. As sites like are quite to point out, unfaithfulness with unhealthy hair care practices will extract cost in terms of sheen and luster.

Still we do like using our hot styling tools, don’t we? Probably because they flat out work. Plain and simple the heat bends your strands to your will. But sooner or later, like was just pointed out, they’ll leave behind a telltale calling card most would rather avoid.

The problems left in their wake vary case by case naturally.

But you may wake up one day to dull and dried out strands.

You may notice a ton of split ends have taken up residence on the tips.

Or you may discover a brush full of hair. And be left to wonder where did that all come from?

Okay but no one is going to give up hot styling completely. So for those looking for a few flat iron tips let’s share one or two you might like.

First think of a flat iron as more than a straightening tool. You can create instant volume, cute waves, or texture all with one tool. To do so it’s important to get one with beveled or rounded edges so you can think outside the box and do more with it than you ever thought possible. Just don’t do it more often than you have too. As that will leave you with a head full of problems.

For those with thick, wavy hair, a flat iron is your ticket to straighter hair. You’ll want to smooth it section by section and this is not a five minute task. But the time invested time well spent. The sleekness you achieve should last for days.

And the more days you can put between your hair and its last exposure to heat the better.

Speaking of which, although brushing your hair is less stressing than using a hot iron, over-brushing can cause damaged strands too. Especially if you are brushing wet hair. Which is why you want to avoid coming anywhere near wet hair with a brush. Listen up. Hair is just more vulnerable when wet. Think fine silk blouse vulnerable. Brushing it in that condition just raises the odds of hair loss and the panic that brings with it. Which is why you don’t want to do too much too your hair until it is totally and completely dry. Otherwise you are just inviting troubles.

Also if you can give up, or at least cut back on hot styling tools during the summer you’ll have less frizz to fight.

Then it’s a irrefutable fact – many of us depend on products to get our hair to look just so. No problem with that as long as you use these styling products in moderation, I guess. Yet there are those who feel if a little dollop is good, a big one is better! Sure we all want hair that has a nice shine and bounce to it. What we don’t want is hair buckling under the weight of product build up. Perhaps points to ponder when deciding how to go about styling your hair. And why you might find a clarifying shampoo to be a life saver of sorts.

Still how you use these products makes all the difference in the world. For instance, those looking for more shine would do well to remember this. Dry hair absorbs more of any oil treatment you care to use than does wet or damp hair. Which is why it’s better to apply before showering rather than after.

Also quality hair care starts in the shower. Too many of us over wash our hair. That can lead to dry and brittle locks. Which suggests that the less often you lather up, the more hydrated your hair will be. This is important should you be looking to grow out a shorter cut or to simply grow your hair longer.

Anything you can do to preserve the natural oils your scalp produces is usually a good thing too. Which is why it might not be a bad idea to use sulfate free shampoos. A point that will be emphasized in a second or two.

Healthy Hair Care Routine

First it is important to note the distinction between thin hair and fine hair. The term thin hair most often refers the amount of hair you have on your scalp. While fine hair is a measure of the diameter of your strands. Fine hair is the smallest diameter but it is paradoxically often not the thinnest. Meaning you will have a lot of follicles per square inch. But because the shaft itself is small your hair may lack body. Got it? Good.

When it comes to shampoo ideally you want to use a gentle, sulfate free type. And if you have color treated hair you want something that will protect and prolong the life of your sexy new shade. Ironically some will report such shampoos don’t lather well. Well doh! Free of the chemicals used to create that lather what do you expect? Also that doesn’t mean you need more product. The one mentioned in the video, Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating shampoo, is great as it will improve the health of your mane simply by washing it. On one review site online, nine out of 10 users would recommend it to their friends.

If you must clarify find yourself a good clarifying shampoo. Or use an apple cider vinegar rinse. And again, it should come as no surprise that these strong (read sometimes harsh) can dry out your strands. Because as the video points out, it will strip your strands leaving your hair squeaky clean. Which just goes to show that squeaky clean may not be what we should be striving for when washing our tresses.

A hair mask is used to intensively hydrate and by doing so restore sheen and health to your locks. As is pointed out the right one (and the one shown Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque is very popular because it works) will leave your hair feeling soft and silky. Always a good feeling, no? Holy Grail is no exaggeration. Many swear by this mask.

Is your hair not shiny enough? Blame mom or dad. The amount of shine reflected off any hair shaft depends on the shape. The closer to perfectly round it is the more natural sheen it will display. Oval or flatter strands will curl more and reflect less. Still let’s see if we can’t maximize whatever shine- ability your hair has.

Simple Dos And Don’ts For the Most Lustrous Locks

  • Tip#1: If at all possible, do NOT wash your hair every day. By washing daily you are stripping away the natural oils your Sebaceous glands tend to respond with so called “rebound” oil production. Which will only make your hair oilier. Plus lack of that oil will leave your hair will less shine than it might have otherwise.
  • Tip #2: Do eat well. Eating healthy (think salads, healthy fats and the like) is not only good for you it’s critical if you want shinier hair.
  • Tip#3: Don’t forget the cold water rinse after washing your hair. This works because it closes any openings in the cuticle letting each shaft be all the reflective self it can be.
  • Tip#4: Frizzy hair is all not desireable. Okay so no news there. It results moisture swollen strands that can pouf up on you on a moment’s notice. Do help smooth the cuticle by using the products suggests.
  • Tip#5: Don’t go crazy with your brush. To insure you don’t remember that when brushing or combing hair fresh from the shower always start at the bottom to avoid ripping through any knots which in turn will just rip out your hair.
  • Tip#6: Do what you can to moisturize your mane. I mean did you know this? Hair that is properly hydrated is overall much stronger than dry and brittle hair. The clue should be the word brittle. Hair in that condition can snap off and then where are you. Right. Left with shorter and shorter strands.
  • One way to do this is with a hot oil treatment. Just so you know it is messy. And takes time. So you may not be inclined to do it all that often. But the results are worth it. The process described it simple. Apply the oil. Heat a wet towel in the microwave until rather warm. Wrap that around your hair. The heat will help the oil penetrate the shafts by opening the cuticles giving your excellent penetration.
  • Tip#7: Don’t underestimate the benefits of scalp massage. This will increase the circulation to the follicles and the extra blood flow will naturally help nourish your hair. Doing this in the shower while the warm water is bouncing off your scalp only intensifies the massage.
  • Tip#8: Do trim the ends of your hair. Even if it is nothing more than a dusting, this will minimize the split ends. And if you’ve ever seen anyone with a bad case of split ends you know what those can do to the overall appearance of your hair. Not to mention that if they are allowed to run up the strands your hair will get increasingly damaged.

Hair care seems like it should be simple. A little shampoo, some rinsing, and you’re good to go. Unfortunately, it’s rarely that easy. Getting your hair to consistently look good takes know how and consistent effort. Tips like those you just read may not be the be all and end all of hair care advice, but they are certainly a good place to start.

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